GBWhatsApp Download Apk v10.41.0 Latest Version 2020 (Anti-Ban)

Most people use WhatsApp nowadays to share any data with their friends and family member. However, the GBWhatsApp is a new mod of the app. This Apk comes with all quality of new features and also with all updated versions. Therefore GB Apk is available with the latest version and even downloads and installs easily. The developers modified and got the new features of the original application.

Moreover, once you try to download the GBWhatsApp in your android phone, use it to share videos and pictures with full updated theme settings. So, in this article, we shall give you a brief detail about the GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Apk 2020


Social media is the best and most fantastic platform for people. Moreover, it helps in the sharing of data and sees much more on it. But, WhatsApp is the main thing as compared to all others like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But, now Mod of the WhatsApp comes and changes the complete settings. So, its a good and fantastic app for all users like YoWhatsApp2, Aero WhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp. So, it is an old mod of WhatsApp, and many users use it. However, it looks like a simple OG WhatsApp, but its functions are improved with all multiple features.

GBWhatsApp only works in your android system when you uninstall the original WhatsApp application from the system. Therefore, it works well with all appreciated functions and features with correct settings.

GBWhatsApp Apk Information

App NameGBWhatsApp APk
App Size57 MB
Total Downloads700,000
Requirements4.0 and Above
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Official WebsiteFMWA2

Features Of GBWhatsApp

All the apps of the android system have multiple features. But, the Mod of WhatsApp GB is full of all quality of features. So, these help to use the account on GB with all privacy options and settings as well. Some important features are given here.


GBWhatsApp Auto-Reply

The primary and most important feature of this GB Mod is that it has auto-reply function. Therefore with the help of this setting, you can reply to your friend at any time. Moreover, it is also helpful to set the default option for many messages. However, it is simple and easy for use in any setting.

DND Option

GBWhatsApp DND (Do Not Disturb Option)

This is another essential feature of this Apk. The function of this DND is that it helps to use internet service for all other apps and can disable for only GBWhatsApp. So, it is good to avoid the disturbance of messages and unnecessary cheating during work time. Therefore, it is suitable for all business users and all other gaming players. You can set DND settings in the GB Mod Apk to use the internet service for all other works without any harmful effects.

Messages Broadcasting

Messages Broadcasting

Another essential feature of this application is that it’s also helpful for the broadcasting of all text. So, you can share the same message at many contacts and in different groups as well. Moreover, GB Mod Apk is best for marketing with friends and in all large groups. However, it is easy for use with all multiple functions and setting as well.

Clear Chat Option

GBWhatsApp Chat Options

The filter messages is another essential thing which helps to clear all the chat. So, you can use the app to filter all the words. Therefore, you can arrange all the messages setting with a single option. Moreover, it is an excellent addition to save time as well as the messages in the system and GB mod Apk.

Live Location Sharing

GBWhatsApp Live Location Sharing

The GB Apk has another quality of feature, and it is good to share the live location with everyone. With this GBWhatsApp, you do not need any map to share the live area. So, you can meet with friends and colleagues directly without any problem. But, both the people use the same application then you can share live location with all time without any troubleshoot option.

Multiple Effects

GBWhatsAppMultiple Effects (User Experience)

The GBWhatsApp is also best to share and check all multiple features with all types of quality of the setting. Moreover, it helps to give different effects on pictures and videos as well. However, it is suitable for people who want to use many features without any problem and customize all the necessary functions. Therefore it has multiple filters, stickers, and all cool effects to set it with new features.

Send Many Files

GBWhatsApp Send Many Files

The GBWhatsApp has another useful feature to send large and multiple files without any troubleshoot. So, you can send the big data of many MB size without any effect on the loading. Moreover, you can download the large file in slow internet speed as well.

Perfect Theme

GBWhatsApp Perfect Theme

The GBWhatsApp is also best to show maximum performance and setting and select many more themes without any effect on the application. Moreover, the themes are also customized easily without any problem in the app.

Status Download

GBWhatsApp Status Download

The download of status is also another best feature of GB WhatsApp. So, you can download pics and videos from another contact status without using any status downloader application.

Large Font Size Option

GBWhatsApp Large Font Size

The GBWhatsApp has another useful feature to show a much more large size font on th screen. So, you can send and read all the text easily on the screen without any effect on the eyes.

Chat Selection

GBWhatsApp Chat Selection

It is also another feature of the app. So, you can select all the chat in one option without any effect. Moreover, move all conversations with the selection at the home screen.

Hide Status

Hide GBWhatsApp Status

Hide status is also an excellent addition, which is even better to show maximum performance without showing status to all contact. So, you can select the connection and share the status with full privacy. Moreover, it is complete safety for the account without any harmful effect to show anything of your account.

Best Image Quality

GBWhatsApp Best Image Quality

The app also good to show the high-resolution images with a simple setting. So, you can share the picture with your contact with full resolution power. Moreover, it is good to show the video in full and high-resolution control.

Multiple Language Option

GBWhatsApp Multiple Language Option

The GB has also featured with multiple functions setting to show many languages with a simple default option. So, you can choose a style for cheating and display all the fonts in different languages.

Notification Option

GBWhatsApp Notification Option

The GB is also helpful to show and send a notification. So, the notification show when someone in your contact list changes the profile picture. Moreover, it also sends you a piece of information when someone shows online on WhatsApp.

Download Latest Version Of GB WhatsApp

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version

Most of the people want to use the latest version of all apps. So, GBWhatsApp also comes with its latest version of 2020. Furthermore, all the quality of features set in the app and this help to make it versatile from all other Mod Apk of WhatsApp. Therefore you can also download the latest version of GBWA in your android system without any problem. Moreover, it comes with all things which a person wants to use for all privacy policy options.

  • So, for this, you need to follow some rules while downloading the GBWhatsApp.
  • First of all, you need proper internet service and connection to download the GBWA in your android system.
  • WiFi is best for download this app easily in your setup.
  • The live location setting is also necessary to download the GBWhatsApp. Moreover, it helps to set all the features quite easily in the system.
  • After that, downloading starts in your android system without any troubleshooting.

How To Install The GBWhatsApp In Android?

  • The installation method is quite straightforward, but, you need to follow some rules and download the GBWA lates version (v10.41.0).
  • The main thing before downloading and installing this app you need to uninstall the original application of WhatsApp from your mobile phone.
  • After that, click on the download button to start downloading.
  • After downloading the app in your system then click the installation button to start installing and give full access in your entire gallery and all other contact option as well.
  • The application is a large size, and you need a proper place in the android to sue this application.
  • After downloading the application, you need to extract all the files from setup and start working.
  • After that, put your mobile number to make a full account of your mobile phone system.

Update GBWhatsApp Latest Version (v10.41.0)

The GBWA is also coming with all the latest version settings and quality of all complete feature sets. But, the developer of this GBWA Mod Apk always works to update the new version and add some new features. So, you need to check the official website to download the latest version without any problem. Moreover, all the simple and easy use option is the priority of the developer to add and make the Apk simple enough for work. However, the GBWA application is not available at the play store. Therefore you need to visit the simple official website to download the new update and also get al features and settings of this Mod Apk and you can uninstall or simply update the old version V10.23.

How To Get Setup Of GBWhatsApp?

The GBWA Apk is not available at all website and play store as well. So, for this, you need to visit the official website of the GBWA, and you can get this app. Moreover, the download link of this Apk is available on this website with all features and simple settings. So, the site is is official for this Mod Apk.

Free Download GBWhatsApp

The GBWA Mod Apk has the right thing that it is available free to download easily in your android and ios system. But, it is best suitable for the android to download and also install in your order for using this Apk. But, nowadays most of the people use I phone. Therefore, it has a different method to download Apk. Thus, the download method of this Apk for Ios is different from the simple download method. However, you need to follow some rules before downloading this Apk.

  • First, go to the website of your iPhone.
  • Click the button for downloading the iOS files.
  • After download, the setup clicks to start to install the file.
  • The installation process takes some time to extract all files.
  • After installing the iOS files, launch the Apk on your phone.
  • Login to the account and start work with this latest version GBWA Mod Apk.

GBWhatsApp Trick

The most important GBWhatsApp Mod Apk is good with different tips and tricks. So, you can also use the YOWhatsApp in your system. For this, you can install and configure the compatible Apk of both WhatsApp in your smartphone and start to apply for a long duration without any troubleshoot and effect in the system.

Backup System Of GBWhatsApp

The GBWA system and setup also comes with a full backup option. So, you can get the backup of your all messages and data on your smartphone as well as in the PC system. Moreover, two methods of this backup which are given here

Backup With Apk

This is the best and simple method to create backup all the files and pictures and videos. Simply open the Apk and set to start the backup. After that, click on the option of copy and save all the messages in your setup.

Backup With Pc

This is another central system for back up to create all the backup of files and chat. In this method, All the messages in voice and chat option with pictures and videos also backup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

GBWhatsApp FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is WhatsApp GB?

ANS: The GB WhatsApp is a simple mod of the original WhatsApp with all the latest new versions. So, al the extra features are added in the newest version.

Q2: How can I download the GBWhatsApp?

ANS: You can download the GB WhatsApp in your android system. But, you need the official website for downloading the GBWhatsApp. It’s all due to the no availability of GBWA in the play store.

Q3: Is WhatsApp GB safe?

ANS: Yes, the GBWhatsApp Mod Apk is safe for the users. Moreover, it has much more quality of features and privacy settings which makes it entirely safe for the user and also secure the account.

Q4: Is GBWhatsApp banned?

ANS: No, there is not any ban on the GBWhatsApp Mod Apk. So, you can download the latest version of GBWA 2020 in your iOS and android system.

Q5: Can I create the backup of GBWhatsAPP?

ANS: Yes, you can also create the backup of your chat and all messages with the simple method in your android and PC.

Q6: How to Update the GBWhatsApp?

ANS: Simply you need to get the official website of GBWhatsApp and use it to get all updates and also update the app to add some new features.

Conclusion And Final Words

The GBWhatsApp is the latest and newest version of WhatsApp. So it has much quality of features which are not present in the other Mod Apk. So, all the features are an excellent addition to make it useful for the users to use it and get a lot of benefits. Moreover, it comes with its latest version of the GBWhatsApp 2020 Mod Apk. The app is not available at the play store. Therefore, you can download it and get a lot of benefits. Moreover, it is helpful to create a backup option.

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