Get YoWhatsApp SEO Scholarship

Get YoWhatsApp SEO Scholarship
Get YOWA SEO Scholarship

Get YoWhatsApp is a tech blog specializing in affiliate marketing and blogging and we are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing specialists.

We are happy to announce the Get FMWA SEO Scholarship award. It’s hard for students to fulfill their needs and education expenses in universities and colleges. That’s why we set up our program to help students.


We are offering our scholarship to the students who are currently studying at or have been accepted to an accredited university/college.

Selection Process

Our team will decide on the best-written essay and complete the award by Jan 31st of each year.

How to Apply

  1. Write an essay of 1000+ words on the topic of “Benefits and Techniques of Search Engine Optimization”.
  2. It must be original and written from your own experience.
  3. Send us your written essay in an MS Word file.
  4. In your submission email you must also provide the following information: your full name, date of birth, college or university you are attending or plan to attend,  email address, copy of your school ID (if available) or other proof of attendance/acceptance from a college or university.
  5. All essay submission should be sent to [email protected]

Deadline to Apply

The deadline is January 1st, 2021.*

We will run this scholarship every year and announce 1 winner.


The winner will be awarded $1000 USD and free SEO training.